Mask Lanyard

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Mask Lanyard

Evolve Mask Lanyards - Free shipping worldwide! 

Each lanyard is suitable for adults or children (with adult supervision)

Why struggle with your mask or constantly lose it? Stop wearing your mask as a chin strap or bracelets. Stop pulling it in and out of your pockets where you keep dirty keys and money and where they can easily break.  When going out to eat why place your mask on a a dirty table?

These mask lanyards are made of ribbon and are about 20 inches in length with snaps on the end. They are easy to use just close the snaps over the elastic ear pieces and you are set to go. The lanyards go over your head easily and you can even wear your mask with them attached.  

Children who are going back to school will get mask breaks and these are perfect for them to use so they do not lose their masks. 

Price includes free worldwide shipping - mask not included