Evolve with John Edward Evergreen Calendar

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Evolve with John Edward Evergreen Calendar

Evolve with John Edward calendar

A brand new concept in calendars...the Evergreen Calendar. 

This is an Evergreen Calendar. Each month is set up for you to write in the dates so you can purchase this calendar at anytime and use it for a full year instead of just January to December! Another reason the do it yourself aspect works is because every country has different holidays and now you can add in the holidays based on your location or preference. 

Brand new photos! Each month has a scene from Evolve with either John & Kat or the Evolve contributors/guests! 

Each month has space for you to add your own notes and the last two pages provide a look ahead to 2020 incase you need those dates.

These calendars will be what the new member welcome gift is in 2019!