Evolve DVD Set

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Evolve DVD Set

Expand your knowledge of the universe around you with the Evolve with John Edward 10-DVD Set . Gain an understanding of John Edward's abilities as a psychic medium while raising your personal awareness of the energy that surrounds you. John has not had a workshop in over five years, and with this set you get an exclusive, one-on-one experience with John in the comfort of your own home. He specially recorded never-before-seen private readings that provide a moving John Edward experience. The DVDs are compiled into 2 slip cases making them easy to store or give as gifts.

Evolve with John Edward 10-DVD Set  Includes:
 * 7 Evolve with John Edward DVDs
    * 3 Intimate Readings DVDs
    * 2 slip cases
    * Intimate Readings DVD collection - recorded exclusively for you; understand John Edward's abilities as a psychic medium and the different phases and stages you and he will go through
    * Intimate reading sessions - each session John does not know who will be attending, and he has no information prior to walking in and meeting the participants
    * Inspiring - helps you understand your psychic abilities; aids in raising your awareness

 * Disc 1: Meditation (50:57)
    * Disc 2: Developing Your Own Psychic Powers (47:47)
    * Disc 3: Angels and Guides (46:57)
    * Disc 4: Understanding Your Psychic Potential (49:20)
    * Disc 5: Psychic Tools in the Workplace (28:01)
    * Disc 6: How to Conduct a Psychic Session (44:31)
    * Disc 7: Meditation Music & Ambiance (25:24)

Please note: This is not John's new show Evolve with John Edward. The show is only available to watch through the Evolve Interactive platform as a member of Evolve.